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How to Leverage SEO for More Visibility with Katherine Ong

June 07, 2023 Julia Campbell Episode 92
Nonprofit Nation with Julia Campbell
How to Leverage SEO for More Visibility with Katherine Ong
Show Notes

Are you looking to engage your donors more effectively and create deeper relationships with them? You’re in luck. This episode is sponsored by my friends at Instil, a holistic donor relationship management platform on a mission to revolutionize nonprofit technology. We are hosting a free webinar to show you how to manage donor communications in the digital age, using technology and social media. Our goal is to build long-term donor loyalty in a short-term world. Learn more at 

My guest this week is Katherine Watier Ong, owner of WO Strategies LLC, a boutique organic traffic consultancy.  Katherine is the brains behind many successful marketing campaigns, including: 

  • The time she had three websites crash due to too much traffic. In one case, Katherine's campaign drove 1.2 million (up from 300K) to  in one month.
  • Creating the strategy and leading the team helped New Yorkers get their healthcare questions answered via social media for the that resulted in 40K New Yorkers signing up for health insurance during week one – more than any other state exchange.
  • Conducting an organic traffic assessment, training, and internal staff hiring and recruiting for that lead to nearly 100% traffic growth YOY.

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