Nonprofit Nation with Julia Campbell

[SOLO] How to Address Social Media Skeptics

February 01, 2022 Julia Campbell
Nonprofit Nation with Julia Campbell
[SOLO] How to Address Social Media Skeptics
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In my business I meet a lot of people with a lot of interesting opinions about social media.

These opinions range from “It’s fantastic! I use it every day!” to “I don’t get it but I’m willing to learn” to “I hate it and I think it’s the downfall of society.”

People certainly have the right to their opinion. If someone absolutely loathes the internet and all it represents, then I won’t waste my time discussing all the revolutionary and important uses for it. (Thankfully, these people are in the minority.)

The social media converts and die-hards are fun to talk to because we are usually on the same page and have some ideas to bounce off of each other.

But the ones that really interest me are the skeptics. So what should we do when we inevitably encounter a Social Media Skeptic?

Here's my advice.

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